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Jonathan and Suvi Gounder, who are aged 80 and 82,  marked fifty six years of happily married life and their fellow residents Moyra and Ted Pettengell, who are aged 71 and 72, who were married for 50 years on the same day.

Celebrating a double wedding anniversary

Celebrating a double wedding anniversary

I was delighted to attend their gala lunch with friends and family, organised by the council’s Castle House Sheltered housing community, where they live.

The afternoon included entertainment from a Chas and Dave tribute band. Unfortunately due to another engagement I didn’t get to join them and their friends for to enjoy the party further, however my consort Anne Sassoon and I really enjoyed the party.

As I have found at other sheltered housing communities in the borough, there really was a sense of those living in the community being great friends and everyone seemed delighted to join the two couples to celebrate their special day.

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