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This event was a celebration for retiring headteachers and those whose schools have been judged as “outstanding” by Ofsted.

Mayor of Lambeth presents certificate to the head of Allen Edwards School

Mayor of Lambeth presents certificate to the head of Allen Edwards School

I presented certificates to headteachers from schools across the borough, an excellent way to recognise the superb standards achieved by them in their schools. I also presented to plaques to two retiring headteachers in recognition of their hardwork and commitment to schools in lambeth.

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LIVE event in Kennington ParkSaturday 7 June 2008

The LIVE (pronunced as in Live the life) event was advertised by its organisers as a demonstration of unity and solidarity bringing together young people from all backgrounds and walks of life to unite against the prevailing gun and knife culture of our youth generation.

The event was full of an amazing array of talent from young people with a clear message that they are united against gun knife and drug crime being in their lives. I was impressed by the enormous talent that the young people involved demonstrated. I was moved by the father of a victim of gun crime who spoke about his loss as a father losing his son.

I had writen a speach prior to the event however was driven by what I had seen and I spoke about the amazing talent that had been on show for all of us to see together with a frustration that this is not reported by our press LIVE Kennington Parkwho only want to push a story of young people as criminals and a threat to us all.

The truth, as so wonderfully demonstrated by everyone who took part in the event, is that a maority of young people are doing wonderful things. What I saw at the LIVE event is an enormous amount of talent which proved to me that my belief in them is rightfully placed and that one day we will be able to place all our futures in their hands.

This event showed how much you can gain by investing time and energy in young people and it was clear you do not need to force them to achieve – they want to and do.

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